bio XEN bone graft particulate 0.5cc .25-1mm
bio XEN bone graft particulate 0.5cc .25-1mm
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bio XEN bone graft particulate 0.5cc .25-1mm


Ousia™ bioXEN

Sourced from bovine bone mineral and manufactured through a distinctive process, Ousia™ bioXEN bone grafting particulate has the crystalline structure of carbonate apatite, much like the structure of intact human bone. Ousia™ bioXEN allows for a blend of a porous structure for vascular access with a roughened surface that is advantageous to cell adhesion and subsequent bone matrix deposition.

An Osteoconductive Matrix

Surgeons have a biocompatible and safe osteoconductive matrix used for new bone formation in defects.

Ousia™ bioXEN indications:

  • Periodontal defects
  • Reconstruction of the alveolar ridge
  • Extraction sockets
  • Sinus elevations
  • Procedures involving guided tissue regeneration or guided bone

Ousia™ bioXEN benefits:

  • Osteoconductive scaffold is favorable to bone formation
  • Porosity of material allows for thorough revascularization
  • Particle structure helps to maintain space
  • Easy handling of material allows for precise graft placement


Proven Results

bioXEN and Bio-Oss® sections taken at 2 months show residual implant material present within the defects. The histology images shown below refer to new bone in apposition to the bioXEN or Bio-Oss® bone mineral matrix. New bone (green) can also be seen adjacent to the mineral, showing evidence of ongoing bone formation in the defect area.

Histological Assessment at 8 weeks (Based on Histology Scores 1-5)

Calcified Bone

Bio-Oss® - 2.5
Ousia™ bioXEN - 3.0

Bone Marrow

Bio-Oss® - 3.5
Ousia™ bioXEN - 3.0

Residual Implant Material

Bio-Oss® - 3.0
Ousia™ bioXEN - 3.0

Ousia™ bioXEN Histology

Ousia™ bioXEN Histology

In vivo studies comparing Ousia™ bioXEN and Bio-Oss® show similarities in performance of these products. In this study, there were no significant differences between the two products.

Bio-Oss® Histology

Bio-Oss® Histology

Bio-Oss® is a registered trademark of Geistlich, Wolhusen, Switzerland.

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester


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