Helistat Hemostatic Sponges 1
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Helistat Hemostatic Sponges 1" x 1/2"

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Helistat Absorbable Collagen Hemostatic Sponge is a soft, white, pliable, non-friable absorbent sponge. Because of its non-friable coherent sponge structure, the application of Helistat hemostatic sponge to the site where hemostasis is desired is easily controlled. Unwanted dispersal over the operative site is not encountered.

  • Performance- Designed to be totally absorbable if left in situ after hemostasis,promotes platelet aggregation, effectively controls bleeding within 2 to 5 minutes
  • Better Handling- Readily placed with dry forceps,can be wrapped, packed, sutured or placed on a multitude of bleeding sites
  • Ease of Use- Excellent adherence to bleeding site, can be used dry or wet and can be used with saline or Thrombin, can be cut to size when dry, allowing more efficient application, may be easily removed without shedding, fragmenting or causing rebleeding at wound site
  • 18 per box.


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