Miltex Helimend Collagen Membranes 15X20 1 p/k
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Miltex Helimend Collagen Membranes 15X20 1 p/k

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HeliMend® absorbable collagen membrane is a white, compressed, non-friable matrix fabricated from collagen derived from bovine deep flexor (Achilles) tendon. Possible complications which can occur with any periodontal surgery includes swelling of the intraoral tissue, thermal sensitivity, gingival recession, excessive gingival bleeding, flap sloughing, resorption or ankylosis of the treated root, some loss of the crestal bone height, infection, pain or complications associated with the use of anesthesia. As with any type of surgical therapy, the patient may experience minor discomfort for a few days. Spontaneous exfoliation of the material may occur in the immediate postoperative period if the HeliMend® membrane is not adequately covered by the mucogingival flap.


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