GINGIComp Universal Composite 20 capsules A3
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GINGIComp Universal Composite 20 capsules A3

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A new high quality, resin-based composite filling material with a unique formula. It delivers a superior surface and excellent physical properties. The tooth-colored composite is designed for direct restorative treatment as well as repair of composite and ceramic veneers. Its high viscosity provides effortless handing, ease of sculpting, and molding. The light-activated universal restorative provides a long working time with short curing duration. With its unique characteristics, increased filler load, and the ability to prevent caries due to fluoride release, this exceptional composite is the ideal material of choice in many clinical situations for both anterior and posterior esthetic restorations.


  • Life-like restoration with very high radiopacity
  • Effortless handling and long working time
  • Available in both syringe and capsule
  • Fluoride-releasing, caries protection
  • Superior strength and high wear resistance


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