Dental Non-Woven Sponge 30g/ 2
Dental Non-Woven Sponge 30g/ 2
Dental Non-Woven Sponge 30g/ 2
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Dental Non-Woven Sponge 30g/ 2"X2" 4-ply 200pcs/sleeve, 25sleeve/case

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■ Introduction

100% high-purity swab. High absorbing, Non-sterile.
Sizes and inner package can be produced according to clients requirements.

■ Feature

1. high absorbing capacity swabs available in plain gauze and non-woven material for swabbing and cleansing procedures.
2. A full range of sterile and non-sterile sizes are available.
3. high absorbing capacity swabs can be supplied in 1 to 10 swabs per pack either single or double wrapped.
4. Special sizes and specifications including plain and non-woven balls are available upon request.

■ Specification

1. High absorbing capacity swabs ,30g/square meter,40g/square meter
2. High absorbing capacity swabs ,4-ply, 2"x2"
3. Material: Non Woven



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